My Story


How it all started

With studies in architecture and history, I recognized myself as a creator through the world of blown glass and other techniques in hot glass.

In 2000, living in Barcelona, I had the pleasure to meet with the Escola Massana. There is where my adventure begins with metals.Born and raised in Veracruz Mexico, I grew up between my father's photo studio and darkroom and my mother's stained glass workshop.
Full of seaside weekends thanks to the passion my father always had for navigation and diving completed my imaginary.
Lucky to live and study in different countries, each place expanded my vision as a human and maker.
As a glass creator I was fortunate to show my work in different countries: Spain, Finland, Japan and the United States.

Each piece of jewelry I create is sawn, filed, sanded, annealed, formed, soldered, hammered and set by hand by me in my studio.


Passion, art and curiosity are my passports to travel through this wonderful world.The Spirit of my pieces

Working with materials as silver, gold and precios stones is a privilege.

All these metals that we are wearing, all these heavier elements came to the earth by way of asteroids that bombarded the earth three and a half billion of years ago. 

Almost every technique I employ was invented by the time of the Romans. Im very old school.

I only use recycled metals.  

Each piece of jewelry should be unique, like each of us, and this is how I like the jewelry to make people feel. I hope to evoke a sense of wonder around my work.